With the development of the electric golf car industry, products are becoming more and more fashionable and personalized. In order to meet the market demand, Kinghike will launch more than 10 new series of golf carts every year. On average, a new golf cart is released every 1 to 2 months.

Golf Cart Electric Car Multi-use

Golf Cart Electric Car Multi-use

Due to its simple driving operation and certain off-road capabilities, golf carts are not only suitable for golf courses, but also widely used in farms, construction sites, scenic spots, hunting, and even wedding celebrations and other scenes.

Kinghike Electric Carts For Golf Design Guidelines

  • Appearance

    Golf Carts Appearance

    Kinghike's golf carts adopts the family design language, which not only shows the sense of technology, but also is elegant and luxurious.

  • Cockpit

    Golf Carts Cockpit

    Using the design concept similar to the smart cockpit, combined with ergonomic technology, our golf carts products have a perfect multimedia and driving experience.

  • LED Lighting

    Golf Carts LED Lighting

    The front and rear lights use a high-intensity LED lighting system to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle in dark conditions. 

  • Chassis

    Golf Carts Chassis

    The front wheel adopts McPherson independent suspension system, which makes the vehicle have good passing and comfort on rough roads.

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