We have always been customer-oriented in product development, from appearance to performance to customized design, with the first goal of meeting customers' market needs everywhere. New products are launched basically every month, and rapid product iteration also allows our customers to take the lead and take the initiative in the market.

Advantages of R & D Capabilities about KINGHIKE Golf Carts

Our product exterior design and chassis designers are senior experts with more than 10 years of industry experience. At the same time, we have the most advanced rapid prototyping and new special composite materials technology, which is also our core competitiveness, making Kinghike the most creative brand in the world.

Case Study of R & D Capabilities About KINGHIKE Golf Carts

Dec 04, 2023

Golf Course Security: The Role of Blue Lifted Golf Carts in Course Management
Beyond the leisurely rounds and manicured greens, golf courses require meticulous management to ensure a seamless and secure environment. In recent years, the integration of blue lifted golf carts int...
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