Kinghike's electric shuttle bus can achieve a maximum climbing performance of 50%, thanks to our unique high-torque electric drive technology. We are one of the few factories in the world that can produce and develop electric shuttle buses that start and stop at steep slopes. The power performance and driving mileage of the product are completely comparable to those of fuel products.

Why Choose Kinghike As Your Electric Shuttle Bus Manufacturer

Why Choose Kinghike As Your Electric Shuttle Bus Manufacturer

After 11 years of accumulation, Kinghike has a number of electric shuttle bus invention patents and design patents, and the factory has four complete production processes, including body manufacturing, welding, painting and final assembly.

Advantages of Electric Shuttle Bus

  • 1

    electric shuttle bus maximum climbing degree

    The maximum climbing degree can reach 50%.

  • 2

    electric shuttle bus maximum number

    The maximum number of members can reach 23 people.

  • 3

    ev shuttle bus maximum motor power

    The maximum motor power can reach 20kW.

  • 4

    electric shuttle bus maximum driving range

    The maximum driving range can reach 200 kilometers.

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