As one of the most dynamic brands, with the unremitting efforts of the development team, the Kinghike product family has welcomed a new member, the E series product. This is the first product in a series of 10 new products planned for this year. There are three types of E series products: ordinary, lifted and utility models. The lifted and utility models are equipped with a 5kW AC asynchronous motor, which ensures the smooth running of the E series products in complex roads and working conditions. Due to the use of modular universal chassis technology, combined with 3D digital model development, 3D printing rapid prototyping and new composite material technology, the development cycle of the Kinghike products can be shortened to 1 month. And the development cost is also very low, as low as 10k USD. Therefore, for our exclusive distribution, the minimum annual MOQ for one series exclusive product can be 100 units. These conditions greatly reduce the time and cost of new product development for our customers, making our exclusive distribution more competitive in the market.

A New Golf Cart Product Put Into Productiona new golf cart car put into production