With the rapid development of the economy and the gradual stabilization of the international financial crisis, the electric golf cart industry has re-emerged with good development opportunities. Therefore, the market competition in the electric golf cart industry is becoming increasingly fierce.

The main features of electric golf carts

  • Front axle and rear axle: MacPherson independent suspension, which can increase the interior space of the driving room and improve the stability of the entire vehicle.

  • Steering system: The height and tilt of the steering wheel are adjustable.

  • Electrical: Instrument monitoring system. The red instrument panel has translucent lighting, the electronic pulse sensor speedometer mileage, the overall control combination instrument, and a multi-function indicator.

  • Comfort equipment: Active skylight with a handle that can be emergency closed.

Precautions for electric golf carts

When driving a golf cart, you should maintain a constant speed to avoid making loud noises due to acceleration. When driving, you should always pay attention to the golfers around you. Once you find someone is preparing to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until the ball is hit before starting the golf cart again.

Golf cart users should pay attention to the following:

  • The vehicle should not exceed the rated capacity specified by the manufacturer when in use.

  • Without the approval of the manufacturer, no modifications may be made in design, nor may any objects be attached to the vehicle to avoid affecting the vehicle's ability and safe operation.

  • Modifications caused by replacing different components (such as battery packs, tires, seats, etc.) shall not reduce safety and meet the requirements of this specification.

Road driving:

  • The roads on which electric golf carts travel must have bearing capacity and must be strengthened for maintenance to ensure that they do not affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle's driving roads must have visibility and are easy to turn, and must not have slopes, steep slopes, narrow passageways, and low ceilings.

  • In the event that pedestrians or other vehicles are encountered on the road, the driving road must have sufficient width.

  • It is recommended that the slope of the driving road does not exceed 25%. The top and bottom of the slope must be smoothly transitioned to avoid collision between the bottom of the electric golf cart and the road surface. When the slope exceeds 25%, it is recommended to install warning signs.

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