Low chassis, convenient up and down, small turning radius, flexible operation, and the use of wide vacuum tire, compound front suspension system, excellent damping performance, smooth driving, comfortable driving; The rear suspension adopts leaf spring shock absorption with high rebound and high load spring design, the vehicle load performance is superior, the smooth and bumpy driving force is small, comfortable to ride. According to the ergonomic design, driving and riding comfortably without fatigue; The control system adopts the main control system imported from the United States, under voltage protection, and anti-flying function. Fashionable and unique in shape, luxurious and atmospheric in appearance, light and firm in structure, simple and light in control, it is not only the basic configuration of the golf course to improve service quality, but also the inevitable choice of high-end villa areas, large hotels, real estate companies, factories, and other units to improve business efficiency.

No Pollution, Low Noise Of Electric Golf Cart 

Pure electric golf cart without internal combustion engine vehicle working exhaust gas, no exhaust pollution, environmental protection, and clean air is very beneficial, almost "zero pollution". As is known to all, CO, HC, and NOX, particulates, odors, and other pollutants in the exhaust of internal combustion engine vehicles form acid rain acid fog, and photochemical smog. Electric golf carts have no noise generated by internal combustion engines, and the noise of electric motors is smaller than that of internal combustion engines. Noise is also harmful to human auditory, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, and immune systems.

Simple Structure, Convenient Maintenance About Electric Golf Cart 

Pure electric golf cart structure is relatively simple, operation, transmission parts less, and small maintenance workload. When an induction motor is used, the motor does not need maintenance, and more importantly, the electric golf cart is easy to operate.

Energy can be recovered during braking and downhill to improve energy utilization efficiency; Studies of purely electric golf carts have shown that their energy efficiency has surpassed that of petrol engines. Especially in urban operations, cars stop and go, driving speed is not high, and electric vehicles are more suitable. Electric vehicles do not consume power when stopping, and in the braking process, the motor can be automatically converted into a generator, to achieve the reuse of energy when braking deceleration. Some studies show that the same crude oil after crude refining, sent to the power plant to generate electricity, recharged into the battery, and then driven by the battery car, its energy utilization efficiency is higher than after refining into gasoline, and then driven by the gasoline engine car, so it is conducive to saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Relative to fuel type golf cart, an electric golf car is powered by car power, through the motor-driven wheel drive to meet the special requirements for the golf cart in the market today and a research and development production can be used in a high feel golf cart and flexible application in the various scenic spots, parks, community, building and other places of new environmental protection electric vehicles.

Because of its using electricity as the power, it wasn't any exhaust fumes at run time, harmful material such as zero emissions from vehicles, not only can effectively protect the golf car field lawn for environmental protection and clean the air is very good, and the fuel type golf car on the road will be a lot of exhaust fumes, So from the environmental protection and energy saving electric Gaulle ball cart is occupying a greater advantage.

The Use of Low Cost

From the use of the cost of an electric golf cart is also endowed with unique advantages, according to the scientific calculation of an electric golf cart every 6 kilometers need to spend electricity cost of about 5 corners, so calculated down electric golf cart can save us a lot of use costs every year.

We are in terms of the maintenance cost, the main maintenance cost of an electric golf cart comes from its battery and some driving parts are relatively simple and cost saving, from this point of view, an electric golf cart is also relatively advantageous.