Every unnecessary use of electric golf carts on a golf course adds unnecessary wear and tear to the grass, and compacts the soil even further. By using electric golf carts responsibly, golfers can avoid a lot of damage to the course.

Tips for using electric golf carts

  • Electric golf carts should avoid the tee box and stay at least 30 feet away from the green.

  • Turning sharply, speeding, or abruptly stopping an electric golf cart can damage the grass.

  • Follow the 90-degree rule. No matter what, electric golf carts should try to stay on the cart path as much as possible in order to protect the grass. The 90-degree rule states that electric golf carts may travel on the fairway, but must keep a 90-degree angle with the road.

  • When the golf course requires that electric golf carts stay on the cart path only, golfers must drive on the designated path until they are even with their ball, and then walk to the ball itself.

What can golf courses do to promote responsible electric golf cart use?

Develop guidelines for the use of electric golf carts:

By developing reasonable guidelines for the use of electric golf carts, you can help reduce unnecessary turf wear and soil compaction, and balance the ratio of cart usage to one wheel.

Some golf courses may allow privately owned electric golf carts, but require that golfers ride with a partner. This rule is very effective.

Some golf courses may charge an extra fee for privately owned electric golf carts to offset any damage caused to the grass by the carts. This fee can help golf courses reserve funds to cover extra maintenance costs such as additional hole drilling, seeding, laying new grass, and fertilizing the fairways and rough areas to protect against damage caused by electric golf cart traffic. This is a decision made for the long-term benefit of the golf course.

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