The reason why the steering wheel of the electric sightseeing car can't be turned is that the steering wheel of the electric sightseeing car is hard to turn and cannot be turned during the use of the electric sightseeing car. Is there a problem with the steering system of the vehicle? Let's take a look together.

1. Damage to the booster pump of the electric sightseeing car:

The electric sightseeing car booster pump is the power source in the power steering system. Its function is to convert the power of the engine into hydraulic energy, thereby driving the steering system to turn. Its damage will cause the output pressure of the hydraulic oil to be low, making it difficult to drive the steering gear.

2. The electric sightseeing car lacks hydraulic oil:

The hydraulic oil of the electric sightseeing car is the medium that transmits the power. The lack of hydraulic oil will cause the interruption of the power transmission. It gives the impression that the operation is less helpful. And because the electric sightseeing car booster pump is also lubricated by hydraulic oil, lack of oil is likely to cause its wear.

3. Internal leakage of the steering machine of the electric sightseeing car:

The steering gear of the electric sightseeing car is responsible for converting the energy transmitted by the hydraulic oil into mechanical energy in the system, and then driving the steering mechanism. If the internal leakage phenomenon occurs, it means that the energy of the hydraulic oil is wasted in vain, and naturally it will no longer be able to drive the steering.

4. The steering shaft of the electric sightseeing car is short of oil:

The reason for the lack of oil on the steering vertical shaft is generally that the use of inferior grease blocks the oil passages, resulting in the inability of the butter to be pumped, causing the vertical shaft to dry and even bite to death.

After reading the above-mentioned main reasons for the heavy steering of the electric sightseeing car, in fact, I understand the maintenance method.

In the end, the key point is to use genuine products, refill them in time, and replace them in time. Those inferior oil products look cheap, but they will cost more resources to repair if they cause problems in the end. At the same time, don't blindly pursue low prices for the purchase of electric sightseeing vehicles, otherwise it will not be worth the loss in the end!

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