Players do not need a driver's license to drive an electric golf cart on the course, but the premise is that you must understand the basic common sense of driving on the course, and be able to drive without damaging the turf of the course or offending other players.

When driving an electric golf cart, keep a constant speed to avoid loud noise due to acceleration. When driving, you should always pay attention to the players around you. Once you find that someone is about to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until he hits the ball before starting the cart to continue driving.

Ⅰ. Driving rules of electric golf carts

Due to the different seasons and course conditions, the golf course will implement different driving rules for electric golf carts. There are two most common ones:

1. Electric golf carts are only allowed to drive on the driveway: This rule is applicable to courses with wet ground, the purpose is to avoid damage to the fairway turf due to the rolling of golf cart tires.

2. 90-degree rule: This rule requires electric lifted golf cart to drive mainly on the driveway. After reaching the position flush with the ball drop point, they can turn at a 90-degree right angle and drive across the fairway directly to the ball position. After the player hits the ball, drive the cart back to the fairway on the same road and continue to drive forward. The implementation of the 90-degree rule not only allows players to drive to the side of the ball, but also minimizes damage to the fairway grass.

It must be kept in mind that under any circumstances on any course, no matter whether it is an electric golf cart or a trolley, it is strictly forbidden to drive (push) up the ridge and the teeing area, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the course, which is unforgivable. Usually there will be signs on the court to indicate the driving and parking areas of the golf carts, and players should strictly follow them.

Ⅱ. Power-saving tips for electric golf carts

The power saving of electric golf carts can increase the driving mileage, and the following points should be paid attention to when lifted electric golf cart save power:

1. Avoid rapid acceleration of electric golf carts

Rapid acceleration and starting will cause a large current in the high-voltage circuit. Frequent rapid acceleration and starting will affect the life of the motor controller and power battery, and shorten the driving range at the same time.

2. Avoid rapid parking of electric golf carts

Sudden braking and stopping should be avoided as much as possible, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake lining, but also the current feedback caused by emergency braking will affect the motor controller.

3. Keep the electric golf cart at a stable speed

When the road and traffic conditions permit, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed. The vehicle starts, and after accelerating to a certain speed, the accelerator pedal can be properly relaxed, and the current speed can be maintained.

4. Keep the tire pressure of the electric golf cart normal

A large number of experiments have shown that when the tires are kept at a higher air pressure, it will not only reduce the degree of bumps on the way, remove the inconvenience caused by objects such as stones, but also reduce the friction coefficient between the tires and the road surface, thereby increasing the mileage.