Electric sightseeing cars in scenic spots often represent the image of the scenic spot. Imagine if a tourist visits a scenic spot and sees electric sightseeing cars covered in rust and dirt, they will surely have no desire to ride them and will have a bad impression of the scenic spot, or even distaste. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of rust prevention and exterior cleaning for electric sightseeing cars.

Regularly check the humidity of the water accumulation areas of electric sightseeing cars

Driving electric sightseeing cars inevitably encounters rain, snow, or muddy roads. Some crevices in the bottom of the car and the interior floor of the electric sightseeing car are prone to accumulate mud. If not cleaned in time, moisture will be hidden. Therefore, regular inspections are necessary to keep the drainage holes unblocked in all parts of the electric sightseeing car's doors and body, as well as checking the humidity of interior coverings such as carpets to prevent rusting of floor components.

It is best not to cover the car cover of electric sightseeing cars

Electric sightseeing bus is parked outdoors. In windy and rainy weather, the inner layer of the car cover will repeatedly hit the electric sightseeing car's paint. Especially when the wind blows into the car cover, numerous small scratches will appear on the body, and over time, the paint will turn black.

In addition, do not directly use a duster or cloth to clean the sand on the body after a sandstorm. It is necessary to rinse with water to prevent sand on the duster or cloth from scratching the paint surface.

Deal with small rust spots on electric sightseeing cars by yourself

For some slight scratches or rust spots already on the body of the electric sightseeing car, leaving them will easily result in rust formation, but it is not worth going to a car beauty shop. Then, the scenic spot's staff can use some simple methods to repair and seal the damaged parts of the car's body. If there is no time for professional treatment, toothpaste can be applied to the scratch to temporarily prevent the electric sightseeing car from rusting.

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