After years of R&D and experimentation by our chassis engineers, we have now successfully developed an electric drive system with a gradient of over 45% (about 25°), which is second to none in the industry. At present, the standard of similar products in the industry is only 20%, and we have successfully achieved 2.25 times the industry standard. This high torque and strong climbing ability drive system enables our Haike products to have stronger rough terrain driving and off-road performance than similar products in the market. On steep hills, our electric carts for golf can start and stop on slopes with full load, which is completely comparable to fuel-driven systems. At present, the first batch of high-torque products have been successfully put into use, and the performance and stability of the products have been greatly recognized by customers, completely exceeding their original expectations. From the original doubts and disbeliefs, to now become a firm supporter of our Kinghike products.

golf cart upgradeskinghike overcomes matching problem of high torque electric drive system about golf car