Maintenance tips for electric golf carts:

  • Lack of tire pressure will increase friction between the tires and the road, thereby extending the driving range. So, be sure to add air pressure in a timely manner when the tire pressure is low.

  • If the handlebar is not flexible or has sticking, dead or tight points, it should be lubricated or adjusted in a timely manner. Ordinary butter, calcium-based or lithium-based lubricants can be used for lubrication. When adjusting, loosen the fork lock nut first, rotate the fork to the top gear, and lock the fork lock nut when the handlebar is flexible enough.

  • Poor flexibility in the rotation of the front and rear wheels will increase friction and energy consumption, thus reducing the driving range. Therefore, if there is a problem, timely lubrication and maintenance are needed. Generally, use butter, calcium-based or lithium-based lubricants for lubrication.

  • When checking the circuit, open the power switch and check the circuit. Check whether the plug-in components are firmly connected and whether the fuse is functioning normally. Most importantly, check the connection between the battery input terminal and the cable to see if it is firm and reliable. If a problem is found, remove it in time.

  • The adjustment of the front toe-in of the electric golf cart can be achieved by changing the length of the tie rod. If the tie rod is extended, the front toe-in increases; if the tie rod is prolonged, the front toe-in decreases. Loosen the locking bolts of the tie rod joint at both ends, rotate the tie rod to make it longer or shorter, adjust it appropriately, and then tighten the locking bolts of the tie rod joint at both ends.

Selection standards for electric golf carts:

  • First of all, look at the motor. It should be a separately excited motor, which is widely recognized as suitable for electric golf carts. It has many advantages, such as automatic anti-skid, automatic braking, electronic reversing, automatic battery charging, etc. So, be sure to pay attention to whether it is a separately excited motor when selecting a car.

  • Since it is a separately excited motor, it should be equipped with a separately excited motor controller.

  • Check the charging time and driving range. Generally, the charging time for electric golf carts in the industry is 8-10 hours, and the driving range is about 80 kilometers. Of course, this depends on the voltage, which is generally an 8V battery with 6 blocks.

  • The front and rear axles. The front axle is non-independent suspension, with steel plate springs and cylindrical hydraulic shock absorbers; the rear axle is a whole rear axle, non-independent suspension, and cylindrical hydraulic shock absorbers.

  • The steering system is also very important, so be sure to pay attention when selecting. It is best to choose a gear-rack steering system with automatic clearance compensation function.