Golf is an elegant sport close to nature. The golf course is very large, and the vehicle on the course is the cart. There are many rules and precautions for using the cart. The following small series for you to sort out the use of golf carts, let's see!

Keep A Constant Speed When Driving A Golf Cart

When driving an electric golf cart, we should keep a constant speed so as not to make loud noises due to acceleration. Users should always pay attention to the players around when driving. If someone is about to hit the ball, they should stop and drive after hitting the ball.

Driving should not exceed the rated capacity stipulated by the manufacturer, and speeding is prohibited. In addition, the design of the vehicle cannot be modified without the approval of the manufacturer, nor can additional objects be added to the vehicle to prevent it from affecting the vehicle's capacity and operation safety.

The changes caused by the replacement of different component configurations must comply with the requirements of this specification without compromising safety performance.

Golf ball driving road, need to have a certain carrying capacity, the roof to strengthen its maintenance, to ensure that does not affect the safety of vehicle operation.

We Should Ensure The Safety Of Driving

It should also have a certain vision and be easy to turn, can not appear slope, steep slope, narrow channel, and low roof canopy, to ensure the safety of driving.

Adequate width should be provided on roads where pedestrians and vehicles are likely to be encountered.

It is recommended that the slope of the road should not exceed 25% and that the top and bottom of the slope should be smooth to avoid collision with the road surface.

When the slope exceeds 25%, it is recommended to install signs and drive carefully.

When using golf carts, we should pay attention to safety. Safety here refers to the personal safety of players and the environmental safety of the course. I hope this knowledge can help you.