• Electric sightseeing cars should avoid rapid automatic acceleration, rapid acceleration, and unnecessary emergency braking during use; gradually accelerate from behind the car. The speed should be controlled within 20Km/h in the early stage of use. If the mileage of the electric sightseeing car is less than 60% of the rated continuous mileage, please stop using the vehicle and contact the manufacturer's after-sales department as soon as possible.

  • Check the battery, electrical control, and motor cables of the electric sightseeing car frequently for heating or looseness; be sure to check the temperature of the reducer, rear axle, wheel hub, and brake drum. If it is overheated (above 60), please check and eliminate the fault. During this period, the battery of the electric sightseeing car should not be deeply discharged, which will cause greater damage to the battery.

When the running-in mileage reaches 500 km, check the firmness of the steering system, front suspension, and wheel nuts, and tighten them if necessary. Check whether the brake system pipeline leaks. If any problems are found, they should be eliminated in time. Users should replace the gears after the running-in period. The electric sightseeing car regularly adds lubricating oil and rear axle gear oil.

  • Electric sightseeing cars have a certain distance from the beginning of braking to reduce the speed until the car stops. The braking distance of electric sightseeing buses will increase with the increase of speed. Water in the brakes may cause the braking performance to decrease. At this time, slow and light stepping on the brake pedal repeatedly at low speed can dry the brakes. After the electric sightseeing car is driven in deep mud, sand, or other polluted environments, clean the brake discs and brake pads to avoid excessive wear. Avoid emergency braking while driving.

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