What is an electric golf cart?

An electric golf cart, also known as a motorized golf cart, a gasoline-powered golf cart, or a golf sightseeing vehicle, is a passenger vehicle designed and developed for golf courses and belongs to the category of short-distance transportation.

There are various forms of electric golf carts, such as 2-seaters, 4-seaters, and 6-seaters, which generally transport small numbers of passengers over short distances at speeds of less than 24km/h, powered by a four-stroke engine or electric power.

What is the use of an electric golf cart?

An electric golf cart is a means of transportation primarily for passenger use, commonly used on golf courses. The specific use of electric golf carts includes driving golfers around the golf course, which makes it easier for golfers to quickly get to where their balls landed and saves energy. Apart from golf courses, vacation resorts, villa areas, garden-style hotels, and tourist attractions also use electric golf carts as a means of transportation.

What are the characteristics of an electric golf cart?

An electric golf cart is a special vehicle developed for golf courses and the features of a golf sightseeing vehicle mainly include:

  • A low chassis that provides easy access for golfers to get on and off the vehicle.

  • A MacPherson independent front suspension system and a rear axle that provide a large driving space, stable driving performance, and strong controllability.

  • The height and tilt of the steering wheel can be adjusted independently, and the turning radius is small. Thus, the electric golf cart is flexible to operate.

  • Equipped with vacuum wide tires, the electric golf cart has excellent shock-absorbing performance and delivers a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

  • With a movable roof and an emergency push handle that can be closed, the electric golf cart provides comfortable mobility.

What are the advantages of an electric golf cart?

No pollution and low noise

Electric golf carts do not produce exhaust emissions and the noise generated when operating is lower, making them environmentally friendly and quiet.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Electric golf carts have a relatively simple structure with fewer operational and transmission components, requiring minimal maintenance. They are also easy to operate and flexible in terms of maneuverability.

Higher energy conversion efficiency

The energy efficiency of electric golf carts is higher than that of gasoline-powered carts because they can recover the energy used during braking and downhill traveling, thus improving the efficiency of energy utilization.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Electric golf carts use on-board power as their energy source and are zero-emission vehicles, which helps to protect the environment and save gasoline energy.

Low operating costs

Electric golf carts use electric power as their energy source, and as a result, have lower operating costs. The energy cost of driving an electric golf cart for every 6km is about CNY 0.5 on average.