Due to the energy crisis and environmental pollution of the two major problems increasingly prominent, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, electric vehicle technology is increasingly mature, and the use of electric vehicles is increasingly widespread, because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, low noise, low pollution and other advantages widely popular. It is widely used in Chinese resorts, villa areas, garden hotels, tourist attractions, airports, parks, golf courses and other places.

On the golf course, special attention is paid to quiet, clean, convenient, and safe, the use of golf cart requirements have certain particularity. One of the key designs of the golf cart is the electric control system.

Working Principle Of The Electric Golf Cart?

The working principle of the electric golf cart is to provide electric energy for the battery and drive the motor. The output shaft of the motor is directly connected with the drive axle through splines to transfer the power to the driving wheel. The speed regulation of the cart is to adjust the change of the speed by transmitting acceleration and deceleration signals to the central controller through the forward pedal. Through the steering mechanism to control the driving direction of the golf cart, service braking (including mechanical braking and motor reverse charging braking) and parking brake together complete the safety of parking and parking the golf cart. At the same time involving driving safety components and front and rear bumper.

Because the overall structure of the electric golf cart is relatively simple, its dynamic performance lies in its drive system, and the electric drive control system has of course become the focus of the design of the golf cart.

Using The Advanced Technology Of Electric Golf Cart

First of all, we should consider using the advanced technology of ac induction motor speed control system -- that is, ac motor with an AC controller. However, although the ac motor has outstanding advantages, such as simple motor structure, brushless motor, long service life, and so on, the matching controller is very complex, which requires a wide range of inverters with large current and ideal motor to achieve, and the cost is relatively high. The processing power of microprocessors also needs to be beefed up; At present, ac motors are commonly used in forklifts. Only some brands use AC, and the technology is in a perfect stage.

Electric golf carts at home and abroad mostly use DC drive - dc excitation motor + DC excitation controller. From the original 36-volt motor to 48-volt motor development. In addition, the dynamic performance and driving range are always a pair of contradictions (driving range and vehicle speed are non-linear inverse ratios). So it does not affect the performance of the premise, through the use of high energy density battery, the braking energy regeneration technology, used in a variety of lightweight materials, improves the efficiency of mechanical transmission, the rational use of renewable current vehicle braking and choose reasonable line wire and try to reduce the line contact in order to reduce all kinds of power loss and other measures to effectively improve the travel distance of golf cart.