Maintenance methods for electric golf cart motors

As the core component of a golf cart, the normal operation of the electric motor directly affects the normal use of the whole vehicle. Regular maintenance is the most effective method.

  • After 6 months of use, we need to add lubricant to the bearings and gears inside the motor to increase its operating speed and reduce noise.

  • At the same time, we need to check the carbon brushes. If they are severely worn, they must be replaced.

  • Finally, we need to clean the carbon powder inside the motor, the surface of the heat exchanger, and the surface of the magnet.

  • Due to special construction and selection reasons, brushless motors do not require frequent maintenance. Basically, after using them for 12-24 months, add lubricating grease to the bearings and gears, clean the magnets, and avoid water entering the motor.

  • Check whether there is rust on the motor magnet, remove the rust, and check the wear of the golf cart brushes and commutator. Generally, when the carbon brush wears to 4-5mm away from the lead wire, it should be replaced, and the commutator surface depth should be greater than 0.5mm should be replaced.

Daily maintenance and maintenance methods for electric golf carts

Daily maintenance can keep electric golf carts in a complete and good technical condition. Its main contents are inspection and dust removal, including cleaning of the body surface of the electric golf cart, inspection of safety devices, and tightening of various parts.

Daily maintenance can be performed by the driver before leaving the car, on the road, and after receiving the car, without taking up departure time.

Daily maintenance only takes a few minutes, while ensuring driving safety and comfort, eliminating potential hazards, which is very necessary for drivers. At the same time, when checking the electric golf cart, visually check its tires.

If the tire is low, measure the tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge and inflate it in time to ensure that the tire pressure is between 300-350kPa. Check whether the wheel bolts are loose or fallen.

Before driving every day, be sure to check whether the total voltage of the power battery and brake fluid is sufficient. If it is insufficient, it should be charged in time or the brake fluid should be added as required.

Check whether important electrical components of the electric golf cart can work correctly. If there is any problem, it should be repaired immediately.

Clean the inside and outside of the car, remove dust and dirt inside and outside the electric golf cart, wipe the car paint, remove frost, snow, water, and dust from the front windshield and rearview mirror, outside mirrors and lights, ensure that the surface is clean and does not affect driving. Vacuum cleaners, dust removal equipment, wiping materials, etc. can be used for cleaning.