Now, due to the support of the country for new energy, coupled with the characteristics of the product, electric golf carts have become widely used and become dedicated vehicles for various closed places such as major venues and scenic spots. Since they are in use, there are inevitably some problems, but some problems can be avoided through daily maintenance. So, how should we maintain these vehicles when we use electric golf carts in our daily life?

During the use of electric golf carts, if the mileage suddenly and significantly drops within a short period of time, then it is likely that at least one battery in the battery group has a problem. At this time, the vehicle should be stopped and taken to the nearest electric vehicle maintenance center or tested with a multimeter. Then, find the electric golf cart production and sales center or agent repair department for inspection and correction or reconfiguration. This will relatively extend the life of the battery pack and save your expenses to a greater extent.

Preventing the high-current discharge of electric golf carts, try to prevent sudden acceleration during start-up, carrying people, and uphill to prevent high-current discharge formation. High-current discharge can easily cause lead sulfate crystallization, and then damage the physical properties of the battery plate. During use, the charging time should be accurately grasped according to the actual situation, and the charging frequency should be controlled based on the frequency of usual use and the mileage conditions. After the electric golf cart is fully charged and running, charge it as soon as possible. The charging time should not be too long, otherwise, overcharging will cause battery heating.

Excessive charging, excessive discharge, and insufficient charging of electric golf carts will all shorten the battery life. It is strictly forbidden to store the electric golf cart battery in a state of discharge. Discharge state refers to the failure to charge the electric golf cart battery in a timely manner after use for a long time. When the battery is stored in a discharged state, lead sulfate, lead sulfate crystals, and other crystalline substances will adhere to the electrode portion, blocking the ion channel and reducing the battery capacity. The longer the discharge state is, the more serious the damage to the battery will be. Therefore, when the electric golf cart is not in use, it is recommended to charge it once a month to maintain the battery capacity to an appropriate level.