Maintenance points of electric golf carts

Electric golf carts may not be able to travel due to problems such as insufficient battery power, damaged direction switches, and damaged motors during use. In the event of such failures, timely maintenance is required, and attention should be paid to the following:

Clean the vehicle before testing

Many of the circuit faults of electric golf carts are caused by the working environment, such as dust on the charger, controller, and circuit board, and various soft faults caused by dirty potentiometers. Therefore, when checking for faults, the golf cart should first be cleaned to eliminate faults caused by dust and dirt, and then proceed to check.

Check outside the vehicle before checking inside

Specific internal faults of the vehicle have external manifestations, and different external manifestations reflect the corresponding internal component faults. When diagnosing and checking for faults, start from the outside and gradually move inward to avoid blind repairs and greatly improve repair efficiency.

Check the power supply first and then test the load

The power part of the vehicle's power supply system accounts for a large proportion of faults in maintenance. The power supply system is the central part of the entire machine's energy supply, and it supplies energy to the load pump through electricity. The load relies on electrical energy to work. The vast majority of load faults are often caused by inadequate power supply. Therefore, when checking for faults, the power circuit should be checked first to confirm that the power supply is normal before proceeding to repair other circuits.

Static to dynamic testing

Static refers to the situation where the vehicle is not electrified, that is, it is checked first under the condition of cutting off the power supply. The checking items include whether the various connection lines are correct, whether the various sockets are in good contact, whether there are broken wires and poor welding, whether the components are burnt black or discolored, etc. Dynamic refers to the situation where the repaired machine is in a working state with electricity. Dynamic checking must be carried out after the necessary static checking and measurement to avoid blindly powering on and expanding faults.

Maintenance of electric golf carts

In the vast golf course, electric golf carts are needed for commuting. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of electric golf carts, it is easy to encounter faults. So, how to maintain electric golf carts?

  • Check the tire pressure regularly. If the tire pressure of the electric golf cart is insufficient, the friction between the tire and the road surface will increase, which will affect normal use. Therefore, the tire pressure should be checked regularly, and if it is found to be insufficient, it should be replenished in time.

  • If the handle of the electric golf cart is not flexible, it is stuck, frozen, or tight, and the flexibility of the front and rear wheels is poor, it should be lubricated or adjusted in time. Use butter, calcium-based or lithium-based grease for lubrication.

  • The electric circuit of the electric golf cart should also be checked and maintained regularly. Turn on the power switch to check whether the circuit is unblocked, whether the connector plug is firm and reliable, whether the fuse is working normally, and especially whether the output terminal of the battery and the cable are firmly and reliable connected.

  • Electric golf carts should not be sun-exposed to avoid high temperatures, which will increase the loss of battery water and accelerate the softening of the plate. When not in use, it should be avoided to be placed directly in the sun.