Compared with the conventional fuel sightseeing car, the pure electric sightseeing car uses lithium battery as the power source and drives the wheels by the motor. Self-driving tours, regional patrols, and environmentally friendly electric sightseeing vehicles developed in villa areas, urban pedestrian streets, ports and other areas.

The advantages of pure electric sightseeing vehicles in the operation of scenic spots are reflected:

1. The customized electric sightseeing car is more in line with the requirements

Due to the different geographical conditions of each scenic spot, the electric sightseeing car has its own requirements for the climbing degree, cruising range and operation mode, and the corresponding requirements for the climbing degree and cruising mileage are higher. In addition, the operation is simple, flexible and convenient in actual operation, ensuring that it is suitable for tourists. Reliability in providing transportation services.

2. Electric sightseeing car reduces costs and is green

(1) In terms of environmental protection, the electric sightseeing car is driven by pure electric power, with no exhaust emission, extremely low noise, and much less pollution to the environment than ordinary motor vehicles.

(2) In terms of energy, electric sightseeing cars use renewable energy electricity. The two together have created a good development prospect for electric sightseeing vehicles in various places.

3. Electric sightseeing car enjoys nature safely and quietly

The electric sightseeing car runs smoothly without any noise.

Even friends who are usually motion sick can take the electric sightseeing car. They don't need to worry about the situation of motion sickness in the electric sightseeing car. Moreover, some countries stipulate that the speed of the electric sightseeing car cannot exceed 30km/h. The beauty will never be fleeting again.

4. The maintenance of the electric sightseeing car is convenient and after-sales peace of mind

The use of electric sightseeing cars can help improve the economic benefits of major scenic spots, which is very beneficial to the requirements of scenic spots to save energy and reduce harmful gas emissions.

Tourist attractions do not need to be equipped with professional staff to refuel, as long as you remember to charge them every day, and the electric sightseeing car is not easy to be damaged, and only needs simple maintenance.

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