When using low-speed four-wheeled electric vehicles such as electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars, and electric golf carts, we remind everyone to remember the following six safety tips. These vehicle models are low-speed electric vehicles, but driving safety cannot be ignored.

What safety precautions should we take when driving an electric sightseeing car? Please read on.

  • When choosing the power source of the electric sightseeing car, lithium batteries (because of their large capacity, natural consumption, and low pollution) and lead-acid batteries (because of their good sealing and electrolyte leakage prevention) should be selected. To prevent pollution, corrosion, and harm to our bodies caused by electrolyte leakage.

  • The power supply voltage of some low-speed four-wheeled electric sightseeing cars reaches or exceeds 96 volts, greatly exceeding the safety voltage threshold, which can easily cause electric shock accidents, so special attention should be paid.

  • We should frequently check the electric circuit connection points of the electric car to prevent poor contact, contact with fire and heat. Short-circuit and serial accidents should be avoided due to circuit aging and wear.

  • When charging the electric sightseeing car, if there is a leakage of flammable gas in the battery, it cannot be charged in a narrow and closed storage room or other indoor environment. Explosive mixed gas accidents should be avoided.

  • If the quality of the electric sightseeing car is poor or the charging time is too long, and the charger temperature is high, it is easy to cause fire accidents, so when charging at night, we should be especially cautious.

  • When starting the electric sightseeing car and climbing the hill, we should switch gears to avoid excessive starting current. The temperature of the coils, circuits, batteries, controllers, etc. of the motor may be too high due to the long-term overload operation of the machine, which may damage them and even cause disaster accidents.

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