A golf cart also known as an electric golf cart, steam-driven golf cart, or golf sightseeing car, as the name implies, is designed for the development of golf course passenger vehicles, belonging as short-distance means of transportation.

Golf carts come in a variety of forms, such as 2, 4, and 6-seaters, and generally carry small numbers of passengers over short distances at speeds of less than 24km/h. They are powered by four-stroke engines or electricity.

What Is The Golf Cart

A golf cart is a means of transportation, mainly manned use, often used in golf courses, then specific golf cart what use?

The function of an electric golf cart is mainly to drive golfers on the golf course, which is convenient for golfers to hit the golf ball quickly and save physical strength. In addition to golf courses, resorts, villa areas, garden hotels, tourist attractions, and other areas also use golf carts as a means of transportation.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Golf Cart

A golf cart is specially developed for the golf course site car, the main characteristics of a golf sightseeing car are :1, low chassis, convenient up and down, for golfers to quickly get on and off the car to provide convenience.

Macpherson independent front suspension is adopted for the front axle and rear axle, which has large space in the cab, high handling stability, and strong controllability. The steering wheel height and inclination can be adjusted by itself, with a small turning radius and flexible operation.

Vacuum wide tire, excellent damping performance, smooth running, comfortable driving. With a movable top window, equipped with an emergency closing handle, comfortable activities.