Usually, golf courses will purchase electric golf carts for the convenience of their customers. Some tourist areas and garden-style hotels also buy golf carts as short-distance transportation tools. The price of golf carts on the market varies depending on factors such as model, passenger capacity, control system, and battery, ranging from 40-70,000 yuan.

When choosing an electric golf cart, consider factors such as charging speed, driving distance, practicality, price, and after-sales service.

How much does an electric golf cart cost?

Electric golf carts are commonly seen on the golf course as a convenient short-distance transportation tool, generally electric. The price of electric golf carts is not fixed and varies according to factors such as model, number of passengers, speed, battery, control system, and slope. Typically, a brand new electric golf cart costs around 40-60,000 yuan, while the micro-electric golf cart may be cheaper. Some electric golf carts are refurbished old models, and the price is even cheaper, possibly only costing 20-30,000 yuan.

Factors to consider when choosing an electric golf cart

As an environmentally friendly passenger vehicle, the factors to consider when selecting an electric golf cart mainly include:

Charging speed and driving distance

Most electric golf carts are electric, so charging speed and driving distance should be considered when choosing. Choose an electric golf cart with fast charging speed, strong endurance, and long driving distance. This will meet the strong customer flow demand of the golf course.

Practicality of the electric golf cart

Mainly consider the functionality and practicality of the entire vehicle. Vehicles with stronger practicality are more convenient for users to operate and use, such as shock absorption function, convenience of getting on and off, and comfortable riding. These are all important factors to consider.


Electric golf carts have a wide range of prices. Generally, imported ones are more expensive than domestic ones, but it does not mean that imported ones are better. Enterprises can choose electric golf carts with high cost performance by comparing market prices and performance parameters.

After-sales service

Electric golf carts need to be used for a long time, so whether the manufacturer can provide good after-sales service is also a factor to consider. After-sales service plays a crucial role in the later use of the vehicle, such as whether the repair service is in place, whether golf cart parts are universal, and whether there are professional maintenance outlets.