On May 30, 2022, our general manager Hermann ZHAI accepted an exclusive interview with Bloomberg. As the world's largest financial media, Bloomberg is very concerned about the challenges faced by Chinese companies in the post-epidemic era, such as global inflation, rising ocean freight prices, and rising supply chain prices. Hermann ZHAI answered the above questions to Bloomberg reporters one by one, combining Kinghike's own development and future strategy. Hermann ZHAI pointed out that the main pressure on the company at present comes from the increase in supply chain prices brought about by global inflation, resulting in rising prices of raw materials and accessories. However, due to the company's active efforts to improve product quality, speed up the development of new products, and iteratively upgrade old products, Kinghike's products are more and more widely recognized by the market. On the other hand, thanks to the rise in oil prices in the consumer market, more customers have turned to electric golf carts to replace traditional fuel golf carts with huge usage and maintenance costs. Although the current international situation is complex and changeable, and the economic situation is not optimistic, Hermann ZHAI still firmly believes that Kinghike will play steadily in the golf cart industry, achieve more brilliant performance, and create first-class products and services for customers.