On January 13, the sound of cutting, drilling, and loading came from the assembly workshop of Shandong Haike from time to time. There were two production lines, and more than a hundred workers were busy at their respective stations, and thousands of spare parts were "processed" one by one under the skilled operation of everyone.

Zhang Jian is the squad leader of the chassis team in the assembly workshop. There are 12 workers in his team. He is mainly responsible for the first link of vehicle assembly—chassis assembly, including five processes including front axle, rear axle, brake, steering, and wiring harness. "I will carefully check the workers' operations in each process to ensure that the first assembly task is completed accurately and within the specified time." Zhang Jian put down the tools in his hand, patted the newly assembled chassis and said, this is an electric golf cart with a wheelbase of 2.4 meters is no easier to assemble than a car. Even a single screw must be tightened, and every spare part that is handled must be foolproof.


Liu Zhenrong, the vice president of production of the company, is inspecting the production progress in the workshop. He took over the words: "Zhang Jian is right, quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of a brand. It is precisely because of the excellent quality of vehicles that we can we successfully win the order for the World Cup in Qatar. "

Shandong Haike is located in Guangyun Street, Wucheng County, established in 2011. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, which has developed into a leading enterprise in the electric sightseeing vehicle industry in the province. The main products include electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars, electric golf carts and more than ten models. We insists on "technology leading, development first", and the products support personalized customization with various specifications.

After receiving the car order for the World Cup in Qatar, the company's R&D team carried out customized R&D design according to the local rainy season, rainy and humid climate characteristics, combined with factors such as the layout of the stadium and usage needs. At the same time, optimize the layout of the supply chain in advance, select the best supplier for each supply component, and strive to be at the world's leading level in environmental protection, battery life, safety and other indicators.


"The tires have very strong anti-skid properties to prevent the vehicle from skidding; electrical connectors and electronic control systems are all waterproof. Even in rainy days, the lines will not be short-circuited and will not affect the use," Liu Zhenrong said, "it took less than one and a half months from design and production to delivery to Qatar."

Although the economic benefits brought by the order of 12 cars are limited, Liu Zhenrong believes that it has special significance for the long-term development of the company in the future, "It provides us with an opportunity to show ourselves on the international stage, and we can communicate with customers around the world. Good communication makes our products go abroad and go to the world." In 2022, Shandong Haike completed the production and sales task of 4,800 orders, of which the export volume increased by 210% compared with the same period of the previous year, hitting a new high.

Liu Zhenrong told reporters that there are currently more than 100 orders for cars, all of which are to be sent to the United States, and they are working overtime to catch up with work, trying to complete it before the 30th year, so that everyone can go home and have a good year.


"Starting is sprinting! In the future, we will continue to focus on technology research and development, continue to develop and produce new products on the basis of improving existing products, continuously improve product quality, and insist on using high-quality products that are green, environmentally friendly and technological to seize the international market." Looking at the busy production workshop, Liu Zhenrong is full of confidence in the development of the new year, "With the adjustment and optimization of the epidemic prevention and control policy, we will work hard at full capacity to do a good job in production. This year's goal is to achieve a sales revenue of 160 million yuan."